"The Life Electric is inspired by the electric voltage between two poles of a battery, the great gift of Volta humanity".


“The Life Electric” monument, in honor of Alessandro Volta, will be erected at the center of Lake Como’s first basin, standing at the final rounded portion of the breakwater facing Cavour Square. Starchitect Daniel Libeskind is the man behind the work: clean-cut, linear, and deeply context-driven.

Standing at roughly 16.50 m tall, it resembles two sine waves facing each other while playing on reciprocating curves and movement.

The work itself intertwines energetic and scientific elements with natural ones. It marks the area’s third pole as it is situated between the Brunate Lighthouse and the public gardens Temple, two other works that are, not coincidentally, dedicated to Volta.

The monument will be immersed in a series of lighting and transparency effects that allow for a smoother transition to the surrounding area while still reflecting the depth and visual stimuli that characterize the basin. The extraordinary optical lighting effects required an in-depth research that renders them awe-inspiring yet delicate, leading to the use of
biodynamic LED illumination variances, a revolutionary solution for a groundbreaking yet equally eco-friendly work.

The monument will set out to enhance the natural landscape of the lake, mountains and city, turning the area into an architectural and artistic breeding ground.

The idea for this very work is deeply rooted and is inspired by Daniel Libeskind’s profound love of Como. It represents an expansive reflection, an ongoing discussion between local organizations Amici di Como, Como Tourism and the architect himself. A sensitive approach was decided upon, analyzing the surroundings first and foremost before developing the project that we see today. This very approach has led to a focus on lights, water and energy, transforming plain visual perception into emotion.

In particular, the work will display light sources reflected by the lake as well as a lightshow equipped with a water vapor unit, painting an image of being suspended over a cloud and setting a magnificent all-around tone.

A star-filled sky will round out a truly magical atmosphere.