"It is an amazing honor to be able to give this work a home in one of the most beautiful places in the world and a place very close to my heart".


Daniel Libeskind is a world-renowned architect and designer. His portfolio ranges from the construction of private and cultural institutions – including museums and auditoriums – conference centers, universities, residences, hotels, shopping centers and estates. Born in Łód’z, Poland in 1946, Libeskind was a promising young musician, eventually giving up music and fully dedicating himself to architecture.

Throughout the course of his career, he has received a plethora of awards while drawing up world-famous projects: the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Denver Art Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Military History Museum in Dresden, and the Ground Zero Master Plan.
In a constant attempt to expand upon the boundaries posed by architecture, Daniel Libeskind reveals his deep interest and engagement in philosophy, art, literature and music.

Adhering closely to the idea that every building undergoes evolution just like man himself, Libeskind stays true to his principal philosophy when adapting his work to be consistent with the wide range of cultural contexts where they are erected.

Daniel teaches and holds conferences at universities from all over the world and he lives in New York and Milan with wife and business partner, Nina Libeskind.