"Architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil.
It’s based on wonder."

- Daniel Libeskind -


The association was founded fifteen years ago by a small group of friends with a heartfelt passion for their surroundings. With previous ties to companies in the Como and Brianza areas, the group had an underlying entrepreneurial attitude that fueled their every movement.

Nowadays the association has laid the foundation for a group represented by over 120 companies that emulate that very same spirit of pure patronage. They all share the same dynamic energy, a common attribute for businesses, international corporations and industrial giants alike, which goes to show that organizations such as the Amici Di Como Association have become a true and performing model, the only one of its kind in Italy.

The mission of Amici di Como works on different levels. The association draws up and organizes various initiatives, all with the same goal in mind: develop the city and area’s image. Its actions are straight-forward: the association directly finances initiatives and projects that pave the way for development, as well as financing its members, for a strategy that has proven
again and again a winning solution in various sectors, from social to cultural, from recreation to sport. Just one of the latest projects with great success was the grand reopening of the walkway along Lake Como.

The association maintains a firm and focused vision over the entire territory and promotes the conservation of its very values and traditions An entrepreneurial mindset with an international outlook drives the association’s ever-changing and constantly innovative vision, analyzing both the present and future in diverse ways. Libeskind’s work represents the most important project in what’s to come, as Como gets ready to unveil its contribution to the Universal Exposition.

With that being said, Amici di Como and Daniel Libeskind have drawn up a work that is set to become the face of the city. Not just a monument but a welcome sign for the tens of thousands that will come to see this global event as well as in the years thereafter. Tourists and commuters alike shall be greeted with open arms by the city’s one-of-a-kind structure, all at the hand of Libeskin.

With the fundamental contribution

Finanziaria Le Perray